How to grow your small and creative business via Instagram

Instagram is a great visual platform to base your business on as it allows you to show off your products with ease. Whatever it is you sell, being able to share imagery as a tool when selling online is a fabulous way of free advertising. As you all know, being seen is becoming more and more difficult, and everyone is on a mission to boost their visibility, especially small and independent businesses.

Social Media Influencing Rules and Regs

Affiliate? AD? gifted? what's the difference then? I know that a lot of my audience are wonderful mama's who are building their social platform and these things are quite new. Working with brands and businesses is great fun, and reviewing products, even getting freebies are a massive perk, but there are guidelines to follow to … Continue reading Social Media Influencing Rules and Regs

JAN 2020 Content schedule for creatives.

Instagram algorithms have got small businesses in allllll sorts of muddles recently, and I thought to myself, what can I do to kick the new year off with something positive not only for myself but for others too? Ta-dah! A little instagram challenge for January (and February if you want to join me although I'll … Continue reading JAN 2020 Content schedule for creatives.

Where to buy FUNKY knit fabrics online.

Choosing fabrics is one of my favourite parts of creating a garment. I absolutely love imagining a beautiful floral print turned into a fluttery tunic with matching bloomers or a bold print knit ready to be worn for stomping into some mud. When I first started to sew I was a strict 100% cotton kinda … Continue reading Where to buy FUNKY knit fabrics online.