Free Christmas themed printables

Our Christmas mission is to help to get you fully prepared for the chaos that unfolds on the 25th of December and we have collected our favourite free printable files to assist with this. From countdowns, to wall decor and even games, this short but sweet list has got you covered!

Obviously first up on our list is a Grinch themed christmas count down! Pop it in a frame and use a dry-wipe marker on the front to change the number of days!

Best get those letters to santa filled out early on to avoid disappointment! ‘Fill in the blanks’ option for younger kids with an empty version for the older ones over at Happiness is homemade

Have you got yourself a little mischevious elf-child this christmas? Print this Official letter from santa to let them know he’s watching!

A little extra festive fun from the Shabby Art Boutique with these printable santa tags. Older kids might like to try and work out how santa got their presents into the house by using these tags as clues! Sign up to the newsletter and recieve the file for free.

These tags from World Label are also pretty cute for the whole ‘Special delivery’ theme. Print out on Kraft paper and attach to your gifts for a little extra added magic.

download some Free photo prop printables, cut them and pop them on sticks for some festive selfie fun!

Photo Credit: Growing Play

A lot of the followers I have on instagram love wall art, so why not change up your frames for December and use some of these free printable wall art images from Glitter & Caffeine

Or if they aren’t your style, this candy cane print from Lolly Jane comes in plenty of colours to suit your home decor.

Download this free set of Christmas Charades cards from The Shabby Creek Cottage and start the party games early.

Print out, colour in and create your own paper gingerbread house! A lot less mess than the real thing, and still as cute.

Photo Credit: ayelet Keshet

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